Graduate diploma show 2022 -Edinburgh College


Edinburgh College School of Art and Design presents their annual end of year exhibition, showcasing work from Graduating Higher Education Diploma students

Edinburgh College: Graduate Diploma Show

It was a pleasure to be able to go in person for the show.

I was impressed totally by the work, hard work of all the students.

Attending to the shows allows me to be surrounded by the artistic world and to have opportunity to talk to my colleagues , lectures and to talk through some future opportunities like UNI.

It was really uplifting overall.

Rachel Hughes

“This project was based on me discovering myself through my cultural identity.

Throughout this project I explore bringing together Scottish and Malaysian culture to create something new that helped to represent me. I looked at art techniques, national flowers, fabrics, dances , and music from both countries” – R.Hughes

its beautifully handmade body of work.I really like how the artist combine both cultures .This is strong work about identify.


“In this project I want to show the loss I felt at the demolition of a city’s historical buildings and combine that with the inspiration and colour of the architecture of Spain”. F.Warner


“This portrait serves as a reflection of my relationship with felinity and an invitation for the audience to think about what ‘feminine\means”. C.Porteous

I remember when I’ve met Caitlin in the studio working on that painting.

she is fearless and I love that picture.The artist has provoking the question and the answer – I love it.

Tammy McMaster Stewart

“I know this place but it doesn’t know me” , 2022

130 cm x 90 cm, mix media.👇

Overall I really enjoyed the artist vision of “home”and belonging theme. I felt connected.


“The inspiration behind these artworks grew from the idea of creative rekindling.

Relearning , trusting, and nurturing creative intuition.

Each composition feels like an ode to grownth, snapshots into developing mediative practice of creative self confidence”. S.Obrzud


“My practice explores archetypes and gender with the use of found objects, sculptures, performances, and installation.

After considering the universal symbols of the circle , source of lifer nd the pilar, activating power, in prehistoric art around the world, and then considering some of the main archetypes of Ancient Greece, I have inverted the features of some goodness and gods from the Greek pantheon, and created screen -prints of the two renewed archetypes” V.Bartolozzi

I personally really enjoys the little scuplures, object I think it all sit well and it is really transparent body of work.


“Living quietly” is a project about the day-to-day life, the mundane tasks that can build up when suffering from mental illness.

For the past couple of months I have been documenting my life a visual diary and how the pandemic has affected me post lockdown”. – K. Grant

I love how the artist introduce us her own personal life, she gave us access to. her evetyday life which is very authentic.


Without no doubt because of my personal experiences that body of work was the most strong to me. I felt the most connected.

I stood there for a good while and I let myself drown into that world.

Wonderful piece of work!

That was an amazing opportunity to talk to my colleagues , especially the one who were graduating the same what I do, contemporary art practice.

I am very happy to overcome my personal anxiety and came along and enjoy the show without any doubt!

Thank you team and lectures!

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